New Delhi, March 15 Actor Sumeet Vyas says he faced a lot of challenges while playing his character in the Akarsh Khurana directorial web series ‘Jugaadistan’.

Sumeet says: “It was challenging because I was playing someone who is completely opposite to who I am. This is a guy who is slightly aggressive, menacing, and deceitful in his life. On top of that, he is a Haryanvi guy so I wanted to get my accent right and at the same time not overdo it. We wanted to keep it colloquial so more people can understand what he is saying.”

The actor who is known for his role in ‘Permanent Roommates’ shares more about his character and says: “He is someone who has hung around in college more than an average student has. In my opinion he is a fairly scary individual who doesn’t appear to be scary.”

“That’s a character trait that I consciously try to bring in because that’s something that I’ve observed in a lot of people who are very powerful – they have the ability to cause damage but don’t come across as scary people,” he adds.

While talking about the efforts put by him to make his character relatable, he shares: “Generally, the preparation for me starts from the script. I work on my script really hard. In this case, I was hanging out with my friends who are from Haryana. I would listen to them and record their voice secretly to practice the accent with my script. Then you bring in the back story a little bit. That’s the kind of preparation I went through.”

Sumeet says that it is always fun to be part of such a show which is unique in terms of storyline and sends a strong message to those watching it.

“It’s a show based on college students, but it isn’t fluffed or dumbed down. It is a very intelligent show and everyone is shown in an intelligent light. They aren’t talking about drama or silly things, they’re talking about politics, the future, socialism etc. I thoroughly believe that college students in today’s day and age are smart and adept.”

“I’m happy that they’ve shown them in a more mature light. Also, the character arcs in the show are absolutely phenomenal. It’s very hard to have so many characters and so many arcs and make them go in a full circle. It’s very hard to write full credits to the writing team,” he concludes.

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