‘Sukumar is a hard nut to crack’: ‘Pushpa’ writer Srikanth Vissa

Hyderabad, Feb 8 ┬áSrikanth Vissa, who penned the dialogues for blockbuster ‘Pushpa’, has also worked on Ravi Teja’s upcoming movie ‘Khiladi’.

The screenplay writer who has a busy lineup with multiple big-ticket movies in his kitty, states that it was not at all easy to work under director Sukumar.

In a candid interview with IANS, the ‘Khiladi’ writer (dialogues) shares his experience working for multiple movies in Telugu.

Srikanth Vissa, who was lauded by Sukumar for his work in ‘Pushpa’ said, “It is not an easy task to impress Sukumar Garu. He always craves perfection. Even in the slightest things, he looks for details”.

“Being a hard nut to crack, Sukumar sir always push me to do it better each time I bring in my dialogue work”.

Srikanth also mentions that the movie ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ had begun in a context that it will be lengthy, yet a single-episode movie.

“Later in the making, we understood that we had to make this movie in two parts. So, we are all ready with the scripting and other related works. We shall start shooting whenever the team is ready”, Srikanth said.

On being quizzed about his work experience with Allu Arjun, Srikanth said, “Allu Arjun is so easy to work with. He grasps even little things easily. It is a pleasure to see him in front of the camera”.

Srikanth Vissa, who has worked for several other movies like ‘Kittu Unnadu Jagratha’, ‘MCA- Middle-Class Abbayi’, ‘Pantham’, ‘Venky Mama’, ‘Amaram Akhilam Prema’ and many others, have provided dialogues and screenplay for multiple other movies.

Srikanth, who sees himself as a director sometime in the future, has a heavy lineup, which includes two movies with hero Ravi Teja, which has brought the duo closer.

As he has penned the dialogues for the upcoming movie ‘Khiladi’, he said that he has bonded with hero Ravi Teja, as they share mutual interests.

“Ravi Teja has become my family. We have travelled together, for more than a year now. He is such a hard worker and always energetic. He is so humble and we have become quite closer”.

Srikanth will be penning dialogues for ‘Ravansura’, ‘Tiger Nageswar Rao’, ’18 Pages’, ‘Pushpa 2’, ‘Devil’, and ‘Bhala Thandanana’.

Srikanth, who was supposed to work with late Kannada star Puneeth Raj Kumar, explains that he had been so heartbroken with the huge loss.

“I was supposed to start work with Puneeth sir. We had a chat over the script as well. Kicha Sudeep’s ‘Pehlwan’ director Krishna was supposed to direct the movie and I was supposed to work on the screenplay. But the heartbreaking incident took him away, leaving a void that can never be replaced,” he said.

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