Stranger accosts Peter Andre in London, says he looks like a terrorist

Los Angeles, Aug 23  �Mysterious Girl fame singer Peter Andre has said that a stranger once told him he looked like a terrorist. He added that he was left feeling extremely offended after the incident happened in London.

Andre said while he is still unsure if it was racially motivated, he objected to his appearance being picked on, reported.

The singer said in his column for the latest issue of new! magazine: “There was one time I came out of a train station in London with a backpack on and my hood up and no taxis would stop for me.

“Eventually one guy stopped and said to me, �Just a word of advice, don’t have your hood up and a backpack on, you look like a terrorist’.

“He actually said those words – I couldn’t believe it and I felt really offended. Maybe it didn’t happen because of my race, but it was because of my appearance.”

It follows his admission in July that he is still “scarred” from suffering bullying and racism as a child.

He said he was mocked over his appearance, including his curly hair – which he still straightens today.

Andre had said: “I recently appeared on ‘Life Changing Stories — The Pride of Britain Podcast’ with Carol Vorderman and we spoke about mental health and the racism and bullying I experienced as a child.

“I mentioned how I still straighten my hair as my curls remind me of being bullied as a kid. The reason for that is unfortunately when I look in the mirror I still see what those kids called me.

“So I got into the habit of straightening it, so I would see someone different from the outcast I was.”

Andre added that Carol advised him to try letting his past go, but he said some can be left “scarred for a lifetime” by racist abuse.

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