Speeding Audi hits over 10 people in Jodhpur; video goes viral

Speeding Audi hits over 10 people on road; video goes viral

Jaipur, Nov 9
A video has gone viral on social media since Tuesday morning, which shows a speeding Audi hitting over 10 people one after the other on the busy AIIMS Road in Jodhpur. A 16-year-old boy reportedly lost his life in the incident, which left over 10 others injured.

The video clearly shows the driver of the car losing control and ramming into some roadshide shanties, hitting people all around.

After the incident, the car driver himself went to the police station where his interrogation is underway.

Speeding Audi hits over 10 people on road; video goes viral

The car was being driven by Amit Nagar, 50, from Jodhpur. While going from Pal Road towards AIIMS, Nagar suddenly lost control of the car and hit an Activa rider from behind, throwing the latter in the air.

The car then acclerated speed and rammed into a motorcycle and a Scooty. The video shows the vehicles bouncing like toys, and their riders flying in the air.

The car came to a halt after hitting some people standing outside the roadside shanties. After the incident, Nagar went straight to the Basni police station. The injured persons are being treated at AIIMS.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has met the injured persons at the hospital.

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