Sonal Chauhan: There’s a reason why ‘F3’ trailer doesn’t show my character

Hyderabad, May 16 Sonal Chauhan plays a pivotal role in the upcoming ‘F3’ which she believes was intentionally kept aside in the theatrical trailer which was released a couple of days ago. 

The actress, who has previously appeared in Telugu films such as ‘Legend,’ ‘Pandaga Chesko,’ ‘Dictator,’ and ‘Ruler,’ shared her thoughts on the comedy entertainer at a media interaction.

Talking about her role in ‘F3’, Sonal said, “There’s a reason why the trailer makes no mention of my character in ‘F3’. It’s a role that will catch you offguard. There is a twist in my character.”

“That’s why my character’s nature is hidden in the trailer. My character, I am confident, will keep the audience thoroughly entertained”.

Having tried a role with full-length comedy, Sonal mentions that making people laugh is no joke.

“This is my first major comedy role. Playing a role that was purely entertaining was difficult. To be able to entertain with comedy isn’t a joke”, Sonal said.

Sonal also mentioned, “Because this is my first comedy role, I was a little nervous. Before we started shooting, I asked the director if I should watch some comedies. He told me to unwind and enter the set without doing any homework. He is the type of director who takes on our roles and emotes every scene.”

“I am confident that the audience will be thoroughly entertained by my character”, Sonal conveyed.

Anil Ravipudi’s directorial ‘F3’ starring Venkatesh and Varun Tej will release in theatres on May 27.

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