You most certainly have come across blogs and discussions pertaining to how badly social media is influencing us. Chances are, a small part of you believes in it too. That’s all right actually, that’s how our human psyche works. When a myth is repeated over and over again, it eventually turns into truth.

Tell me something, on which device are you reading this article right now? Chances are, you came across this while browsing through your social media. Or probably a friend read this earlier and shared the link with you. Social media is everywhere today, be it the food industry, the fashion industry, small businesses or just individuals. So the question is, is social media truly a boon or a blessing after all?

This story might not be quite relevant but I assure you, its meaningful in our context. My grandparents stay in a remote farmhouse in the countryside. It’s been some years since all their grand-kids have moved out to bigger cities. Life’s treating us right and all of us are pretty occupied with it. There’s this thing about adulating, you miss out on the finer nuances of life. Calls and letters become an extinct feature eventually. So, my dear grandfather, logs in into his Facebook twice every week and looks at all our pictures and even reads our comments. It’s wonderful how beautifully he is updated with our lives and even knows who my closest friends are.


What I am trying to convey here is, Social media was created by us humans for a reason. We designed it to stay connected to close ones irrespective of the physical distance. Its purpose gradually changed with time. Did it ever occur to you that how we use our social media depends entirely on us? We designed it to satiate our needs after all, didn’t we? The more complex our needs get, the more we update it.

Here are 4 bright ways social media can help our mental health:



Social media brings in a strong sense of community –

Thanks to the advancement in technology, it’s a global world today. People from the remote most parts of the world are coming to bigger cities for jobs. As businesses are expanding, employees from bigger cities are shifting to virgin corners of the world. People form communities, based on their locations, their interests. These are in addition to the communities we are part of at home, family and within friends. All these communities mean togetherness and bring in the sense of a group. You could be part of a fishing community and also meet someone from the same community in another country and still feel the togetherness. Social media brings in like-minded people together.


Social media allows you to highlight your progress –

The world’s extremely competitive today, as all of us are thriving to be at our best. Irrespective of what I have read on platforms about social media depressing people, I believe otherwise. Social media can help motivate a person to thrive harder. IT allows you to read success stories, where people share how they have succeeded. It also provides a platform to discuss with people you aspire to be like. All it requires is the right motivation and lots of hard work. One can possibly learn a lot on social media. These inputs should come as a reminder to be better and thrive harder each passing day. You can also share your achievements while others look up to you for the same kind of inspiration. It gradually prompts people in your network to support and congratulate you. This builds up your self-esteem and makes you even more determined & confident.


Social media allows you to see the good around you and spreads joy –

The world is becoming a much better place to be at. With time, things around us are all changing for good. The present generation is more inclined towards social causes and is more updated about its proceedings. Social media allows you to see what’s happening around you regarding that cause. Be it pet adopting, child welfare or rally against equality. Social media not only updates you with what’s bad happening around you but also what’s positive. It also allows you to see how the world is reacting to a change and what people think about it. This makes for a great platform to meet like-minded people who are willing to work together. Reading posts of good deeds or about positive changes, makes you feel good and fortunate.

Social media is extremely capable of spreading joy and at times humor. We could all use some good humor to cheer up our stressful days. It could be a funny meme, an inspirational post or just a fortunate tweet, it can bring in a smile.


Social media helps you stay connected to people you adore –

Family and friends are a big contributor to our mental health. We all depend on our closed ones on good days and on bad ones. At times it’s not possible to meet them in person. One can obviously make a call and spend some time updating each other. Social media gives you the liberty to just browse through a screen and know what’s happening at your friend’s end. Its non-complicated and doesn’t need one to invest a lot of time. I personally enjoy seeing what is everyone up to with just a scroll of my wall. The feel-good factor that comes with the assurance of closed ones being happy, is priceless. It feels in the gap that’s created with the distance and time. You get to see how your sister’s trip is progressing or how well your nephew is growing without actually being present.

We will all have to accept that our lives are extremely fast and busy to stay in personal touch with everyone on a day to day basis. Good or bad, we will have to take outside help for the same, don’t we? Things have changed for good and bad with the arrival of social media. Keep these points in mind and focus on how to control social media for our own good. Instead of allowing it to take over our lives.


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MARY JONES is the co-founder & editor-in-chief at TopMyGrades which focuses on Content Marketing Strategy for clients from the Education industry in the US, Canada & UK. Mary has conducted a series of webinars for AssignmentEssayHelp. She has extensive content editing experience and has worked with MSNBC, NewsCred & Scripted. She has also authored blogs on,,, and many more digital publications.


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