Chennai, Nov 29  Actor Silambarasan, whose just released film ‘Maanaadu’ has opened to good reviews, has expressed his heartfelt thanks to fans and audiences for their love and support.

Silambarasan’s statement thanking fans and audiences came even as the film’s director Venkat Prabhu announced on Twitter that all the film’s Tamil Nadu distributors had entered the profit zone in just four days.

Venkat Prabhu said, “So happy to hear all our TN distributors are into their profit zone in just four days!!! Wow!! Thanks for the Love makkaley!! And also heard our distributors for Kerala and Karnataka are in their profit zone in just three days!! God is kind!!”

In his statement, Simbu said Maanaadu was a film for which he worked, placing faith in God and hard work.

Stating that his wish to make happy those who had showered him with affection, came true, the actor said that ‘Maanaadu’ had secured a big win the world over.

“I am greatly indebted to my producer Suresh Kamatchi, director Venkat Prabhu, all technicians, the unit of Maanaadu, My mom and dad, distributors who distributed this film, theatre owners, friends from the film industry, friends from the media, my dear fans and audiences around the world for this success,” the actor said.

To the fans, he said that he took delight in their love, which he claimed had stopped his tears at an event from touching the ground.

“You have worked intensely to fetch me victory,” the actor said and thanked them.

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