Mumbai, Dec 8  Sikandar Kher, who has found a new audience with the crime thriller ‘Aarya 2’, feels that OTT is a powerful medium that will change the course of the entertainment industry.

He said that it has the potential to change the way our stories are crafted and served.

Speaking about his success in the OTT space, Sikandar says, “OTT has rehashed the way content and entertainment are perceived today. There are so many channels of entertainment and each one churns out good content.”

The actor opines that the medium brings along unprecedented opportunities for actors that could propel them to the global stage. He adds, “I mean, it’s a great opportunity for actors to showcase their mettle and be seen before a global audience. That’s the power of OTT. ‘Aarya’ season 2 is due to release soon and seeing the success Season 1 has garnered, the audience is excited to know what Season 2 has to offer.”

Explaining the beauty of OTT, the actor said, “See, that’s the beauty of the OTT space. The audience begins to identify with the characters and looks forward to seeing them season after season. Some of the biggest international shows on OTT have gone on to acquire cult-like fandom.”

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