Mumbai, April 15  Singer Sidharth Arora popularly remembered for singing songs like ‘Chalenge Saath Hum’, ‘Aur Koi Na Ho’, ‘Khushi De Gayi’, ‘Seh Na Paunga’ among others is delighted to announce his upcoming single ‘Tum Na Yahan’.

He says: “I’m really excited and feel so delighted to continue releasing new songs with all the love and positive feedback I receive from my fans. Just like my previous songs, Aur koi na ho, which was an animated love story and Chalenge sath hum, released during the covid times as a tribute to the medical workers & police officers, working hard to save the citizens of the country, this too is a theme based song.”

He continues: “My upcoming song, ‘Tum Na Yahan’, will be one of the most soothing songs for all those people with a broken heart. My friend Kabir Sethi wrote the lyrics of this song along with me. Each line carries beautiful feelings with Love being the most cherished emotion one can easily feel in this song.”

Sidharth recalls it was not easy to bring his singing dream come true.

He adds: “I came to Delhi from Amritsar with dreams and a passion to achieve them all, I believe that dreams aren’t the ones we see while sleeping but are those which don’t let you sleep. After doing almost 1000+ shows in Delhi, with having the most popular music room in the clubhouse. I’m living my dream of a successful singing career and devoting more hard work towards it.”

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