Shocking Footage Of Teenage Girl Thrown From A Water Slide

The Girl had to be taken to hospital after being thrown from a rubber ring water slide at Woburn Forest Center Parcs.

The woman’s brother, Matt, filmed the rapid descent on his GoPro while on the slide, and caught the moment of impact on camera.

The video shows her brother calling out to her to see if she is okay before quickly realising that she isn’t and dismounting the ring at the bottom in an attempt to provide assistance.

Rea lands separately from the rest of the group and appears to be in distress as her brother explains to staff members what happened.

Writing online after the incident, Matt said:

My family and I were in Woburn Center Parcs last week catching up with the rest of my family.
We had been doing lots of activities over the various days, and a common one was going on the slides at the swimming pool.
We had gone down this specific ride many times before. I was recording on my GoPro Hero 4 because it was new and funny to see people’s reaction as we went down this ride.
My sister fell off the ride due to not holding on tight enough. She slipped backwards off the inflatable because of the impacts of the rushing water.
I would like to thank the entire team at Center Parcs for all of their help.

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