Shilpa Rao releases romantic EDM track ‘Ehsaas’ featuring Ravator

Mumbai, March 31 Playback singer Shilpa Rao released a new age romantic EDM track titled ‘Ehsaas’ in collaboration with music artiste Ravator on Thursday.

The song, crooned by Shilpa Rao and Ravator, has been written and composed by Utsavi Jha.

The musical arrangement of the track features synths, Indian flute, percussions synthesised by drum machine and acoustic guitars.

Talking about her experience, singer Shilpa Rao says, “‘Ehsaas’ is a perfect song to lose yourself and dance to, and for the people in love. We have tried something new with this EDM track which I hope connects with the youth and it will be fun to see their reactions and looking forward to most of those reactions.”

On her first collaboration with Ravator, she adds, “Harsh Ravator is the producer on this track and he had reached out to me to work on this track and we soon after recorded it in Bombay. I always say that a good song can come from anywhere and it can come from someone who you don’t know. That is something which I keep doing, keep my mind open to all such collaboration and that’s what has led to this.”

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