Mumbai, Jan 30  Shefali Shah, who was most recently seen in the medical thriller ‘Human’, follows a different approach to work around with her characters. She takes an objective route and does not let her characters affect her emotions as a human being.

Talking about the demarcation in her subconscious, Shah told IANS: “When I do a project, I get completely submerged in it. Having said that, I am not the person who would carry the emotions of a scene or from the set back home. Yes, I will give everything that I have for that moment.”

Despite the emotional disconnect, her mind constantly keeps exploring her characters, going deeper into them.

She said: “I do not disconnect as an actor because I come back home, freshen up and start working on the next day’s scenes. It is a continuous process, I don’t stop. Because that character has an identity of its own, you have to keep feeding that identity with your observations and homework to put a certain conviction into that character.”

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