Sharad Malhotra says he is open to working with newcomers

Mumbai, Dec 4  Actor Sharad Malhotra has spoken about working in two music videos and his experience of working with freshers in the industry.

“I have a couple of music videos that are lined up. There are 2 more that are yet to be released. I am in conversation for a few more right now. I would also like to mention that a lot of people have asked me why I work with new people.”

“Let me tell you, when I started off my career, I was very new but then someone trusted me, so if somebody is new and he is passionate and he is sincere and wants to do good work, why not work with him? I don’t understand what’s the problem,” he added on his experience of working with newcomers in the industry.

The actor further shared that everybody wants to work with people who are established and even he wants to, but at the same time he is not reluctant on working with anyone.

“Everybody wants to work with people who are established, even I want to. It’s not like I don’t want to. I would love to, but there’s a time when people are new, but they’re very passionate, sincere and they want to work and when they approach me and if the content is good, I don’t think twice. If he has potential and wants to do good work and if I get a positive vibe from that person, I don’t think much,” added the ‘Door Ho Gaya’ actor.

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