Mumbai, April 13¬†Hussain Dalal and Sayani Gupta, the actors of the short film ‘Shameless’ say the importance of the film was to remind us that using technology in daily life could empower us but does not make us superior to others.

The story of the film revolves around Praveen, a software engineer and Bharti, a delivery girl. While using a food delivery app, Praveen every day illtreats the delivery girl, one day, after a series of humiliations, Bharti takes a step to teach him a lesson that puts Praveen’s life upside down.

In conversation with IANS, both the actors open up about the importance of the story.

Hussain told IANS: “I think in our world, there are two kinds of people, one is the by-product of what he/she has got, the other one is what they haven’t achieved. My character in the film is the by-product of his failure in life. He had a dream to become something, that he couldn’t.

“To deal with that constant frustration and hide his insecurity, he ill-treats people around him who are in lesser designated positions, like a delivery staff, office boy etc. Use of technology should make your life convenient, but not at the cost of making others’ life hell.”

“I think while on one hand, I found the story very relatable in that context, it was important to show the mirror to people around us who are behaving in this manner in daily life, maybe unknowingly, due to superiority complex,” he further added.

Seconding his point, Sayani explained how the film became all the more relevant, during the pandemic when we realised the role of delivery staff and the use of apps on our phones.

Sayani said, “We shot for the film before the lockdown started but the importance of technology, especially using app for everything during the pandemic, taught us something. We understood the power of technology to the next level. But, having an app on your phone, does not make you a superior human being. In fact, technology empowers you to serve humanity but does not give you the power to humiliate people.”

“This one-line idea of the film somewhere echoed in our mind,” she said, which worked as a driving force to be part of the film.

Directed by Keith Gomes, produced by Shabinaa Khan – ‘Shameless’ released on Amazon miniTV.

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