Mumbai, June 9  Actor Shaheer Sheikh and Jasmin Bhasin are coming together for a new monsoon music video ‘Iss Baarish Mein’ that releases on June 14.

Shaheer shared: “It was wonderful working with Jasmin for ‘Iss Baarish Mein’. The song has a magic of its own and we have a team of brilliant musicians to thank. It has been created with such passion that it feels like a movie captured in a matter of minutes. I’m excited about its release.”

Jasmin said: “Our song establishes the vibe of the rainy season. I love the rains as much as the next person and I think I’ve found my song of the season with Iss Baarish Mein. Rains represent new beginnings and I’m positive that the song will resonate with listeners as the beginning of something worthwhile.”

The song is composed by Ripul Sharma, penned by Sharad Tripathi, sung by Yasser Desai and Neeti Mohan, and its music video has been directed by Aditya Datt, mix mastering done by Eric Pillai.

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