Shafaq Naaz on the evolution of women on Indian television

Shafaq Naaz

Mumbai, Feb 25  ‘Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein’ actress Shafaq Naaz, who is seen as Shruti in the show, opens up on how she believes that the projection of women has changed on the small screen.

Talking about the same, Shafaq averred: “This is a very good change that Indian television has adapted wherein unlike the earlier days female actors are no longer showcased as weak or vulnerable. There is a huge exposure nowadays after the introduction of OTT and people’s mindsets have changed overall.”

Shafaq Naaz

“People nowadays want to see women who are strong-headed rather than being vulnerable onscreen in the narrative, or play the damsel in distress.”

The actress is popularly known for playing Kunti in ‘Mahabharat’ and Mayuri in ‘Chidiya Ghar’.

Furthermore she added: “And I think it is very important to break the stereotype of women being fit to only play roles wherein they play the sympathy card. If you compare the previous shows made with the shows made now, there’s a vast difference.”

“There are shows talking about women empowerment and I believe we need more such concepts,” she concluded.

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