How often do you consider terpenes when shopping for CBD flowers? Different flower strains contain a combination of various terpenes, which even further induce the health effects of cannabidiol. The Cannabis Sativa plant is home to approximately 200 types of such compounds, distinctive in their effects, aroma, and flavor. 

The presence of terpenes is what provides CBD flower strains with various odors, ranging from earthy aromas to citrusy scents. When all of these compounds act in synergy, they achieve the entourage effect by boosting each other’s properties. 

Learn more about the seven most common terpenes in CBD flower strains.


Pinene is a common terpene found not only in CBD flower strains but also in certain citrus fruits, pine needles, and herbs like rosemary and sage. This compound is well known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial role, as well as its bronchodilator properties. Being a bronchodilator refers to its ability to dilate the bronchi, otherwise known as respiratory airways, which are often narrow in people with asthma. 

Furthermore, when inflamed, the bronchi become narrow and trigger breathing difficulties. Nevertheless, pinene relaxes the lungs and widens the airways in order for individuals to breathe without any obstructions. In some medicines, this terpene is used in the treatment of cancer owing to the power to alleviate inflammation and impede the growth of cancer cells. The sharp scent of pinene is used to improve alertness and memory in individuals, as one of the benefits of aromatherapy. Go to this URL to learn more about the function and types of bronchi. 


Myrcene is one of the most frequent terpenes found in almost every CBD flower strain, distinct for its earthy scent. In fact, the musty odor of this compound reminds individuals of cannabis. Being the tiniest terpene doesn’t prevent myrcene from making CBD flowers incredibly potent. It also contributes to the aroma of mango, lemongrass, basil, and thyme. 

Similar to pinene, myrcene is prominent for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory function. Nevertheless, its antifungal and antiseptic properties make it even more effective when compared to most of the other terpenes. The feeling of calmness and relaxation provided by myrcene is so powerful, it usually results in lethargy and sleepiness. In terms of medicine, the effects of this compound can be employed in the treatment of diabetes, hypertension, and diarrhea.


Limonene, as the name implies, is found in the largest part of citrus fruits, hence having an aroma of orange, lemon, or lime. The refreshing odor of this terpene is what boosts mood in users, reduces stress, and alleviates anxiety. 

Moreover, limonene not only benefits mental health but fights inflammation and fungal infections as well. Most importantly, it boosts the absorption of all the other terpenes, helping the body experience all benefits provided by the compounds in CBD flower strains as quickly as possible. 


Linalool is a popular compound of many CBD flower strains, recognizable for its pleasant floral scent. This terpene is also found in lavender, chamomile, rosewood, birch, as well as in some spices like coriander and cinnamon. Individuals smoking CBD flower containing linalool enjoy its power of sedation, which plays an important role in eliminating anxiety. 

Therefore, it benefits people suffering from depression, different forms of anxiety, and insomnia. The soothing effects of linalool also make it a prominent anticonvulsant agent, referring to its role in preventing seizures. CBD users can experience the benefits of this terpene not only via smoking CBD flower but also by using CBD cosmetic products. Salves, body lotions, and creams infused with linalool smell lovely and employ the soothing effects of this compound to restore skin’s health. 


Humulene is distinct for its woody, partially fruity odor, felt in the greatest number of CBD flower strains. This terpene is found in basil, coriander, sage, cloves, and hops, which explains its earthy scent. It’s similar to the other terpenes in terms of its pain-relieving and antibacterial qualities but it has a trait that makes it special. Humulene has the ability to suppress appetite, which is ideal for people hoping to drop a few pounds. 


Caryophyllene is unquestionably one of the most specific terpenes, providing a spicy aroma. CBD flower strains containing this compound release a scent of pepper when vaped or smoked. Make sure you visit this link,, to check out some of the most popular CBD strains in the online market. Caryophyllene also occurs in oregano, black pepper, cinnamon, basil, and cloves. 

Nevertheless, what makes this compound so specific is the fact it imitates the role of cannabinoids. It refers to the potential of caryophyllene to maintain an interaction with the endocannabinoid system responsible for regulating the essential body functions. Consequently, this terpene is helpful in fighting insomnia, improving cardiovascular health, preventing muscle spasms, reducing pain, etc. 


Terpinolene isn’t as common as most terpenes, but it’s undoubtedly distinctive. It has various aromas instead of one, ranging from a citrus scent to a floral odor. It occurs naturally in other types of plants like sage and rosemary, as well as in mint and citrus fruits. Terpinolene is effective in the treatment of anxiety due to its sedating properties. It even has the power to cause drowsiness if consumed in high amounts. 

Final word

Make sure you check the choice of terpenes before purchasing a CBD product. 

All of them are beneficial in their own way!

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