Chennai, June 30  Pleased with the audience’s response to the recently released Tamil mythological thriller ‘Maayon’, the makers of the film have now announced a sequel to it.

On Thursday, Double Meaning Production, the firm that produced the film featuring actors Sibi Sathyaraj and Tanya Ravichandran in the lead, took to Twitter to make the announcement.

It said, “‘Maayon’ has another side to it… another chapter.. another universe.. A grand visual treat of our traditional values with thrills and twists. ‘Do you live in darkness or does the darkness live in you?’ ‘Maayon’ Chapter 2 to begin soon. Grand Deepavali 2023 release.”

Sources close to the unit of the film say that the second part could be made on a much bigger scale and could well be a pan Indian film.

Also, while the first part revolved around a temple of Lord Vishnu, the second part could revolve around Lord Murugan.

The sources, however, weren’t able to confirm if the same cast and crew of the first part would be retained for the second part and whether the second part would begin from the point the first part ended or whether it would be a separate story in itself.

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