Sasikumar plays a sound engineer in Sathya Shivaa’s ‘Naan Mirugamaai Maara’

Chennai, Oct 17 Actor Sasikumar plays a sound engineer for the first time in his career in director Sathya Shivaa’s upcoming action thriller, ‘Naan Mirugamaai Maara’, which is scheduled to hit screens in November this year. 

Talking to media persons, Sasikumar, who is known for having directed and acted in several critically acclaimed cult classics including the blockbuster ‘Subramaniapuram’, said, “This film was initially called ‘Common Man’. But then we chose to change the title of the film after another film unit also staked claim to the same title. We are now calling it ‘Naan Mirugamai Maara’.

“I play a sound engineer who lives a peaceful life with his family. When something disturbs the peace of the family, how he uses his profession to respond is what the film is all about.”

The film has Kannada actress Haripriya playing the female lead. She plays Sasikumar’s wife, while actor Vikranth plays the antagonist in the film. 

The film will not feature any songs and will only have a background score. “Ghibran has done a wonderful job scoring the background music of this film,” says director Sathya Shivaa.

Pointing out to director Sathya Shivaa that the first title they had ‘Common Man’ and the current title that they have given the film, ‘Naan Mirugamai Maara’ (which roughly means a person changing into a beast) actually are worlds apart, he responds saying, “The title refers to Sasikumar’s character. The title we had initially, ‘Common Man’, refers to Sasikumar’s character at the beginning of the film. This title refers to the state of his character by the time the film ends. So, from the earlier title, we have now chosen this one.”

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