Sandra Oh reveals how the mother-daughter equation evolves in ‘Turning Red’

New Delhi, March 11 Canadian-American actress Sandra Oh, who has voiced the character of Ming Lee in the upcoming animated comedy film, ‘Turning Red’, recently revealed that her character too undergoes transformation in the coming-of-age story along with her daughter Mei Lee.

Voicing for Ming Lee, Mei’s overbearing mother who is aware of her daughter’s weird abilities, Sandra Oh said her character in the film is hypervigilant. She said that though Ming doesn’t want her daughter to hide anything from her, “Ming is carrying a secret of her own.”

She revealed that “Ming has to go through a little bit of a transformation herself. She loves her daughter deeply but has to accept her for the young woman she is turning out to be.”

Excited about the movie being set in Toronto, Oh added, “When you come in for a recording session, they show you what they’ve animated. The opening sequence, when Mei is walking down the street, I knew exactly what corner that is. That was so exciting because you feel the personal investment in the storytelling.”

Produced by Lindsey Collins, ‘Turning Red’ deftly sums up the roller-coaster ride of being a teenager. Directed by Domee Shi, and written by Domee and Julia Cho, ‘Turning Red’ is also Disney and Pixar’s first film to have an all-female creative team, with a female director, producer, visual-effects supervisor, and production designer among its lead creatives.

The film, released on Friday, is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

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