Samaksh Sudi: It’s hard for an actor to switch from one emotion to another in seconds

Mumbai, Jan 7 ¬†Actor Samaksh Sudi, who is seen in ‘Thapki Pyaar Ki Season 2’, is working with two actresses, Neha Yadav and Nandini Maurya. According to himm it is not easy to develop chemistry with them at the same time and change emotions simultaneously within seconds.

Samaksh says: “Any creative work is impossible without a good team. And when we talk about the team, I’m blessed to work with professionals. Be it onscreen or off screen, everyone on set knows their job.

“The only similarity between ‘Apna Time Bhi Aayega’ and ‘Thapki Pyaar Ki Season 2’ is that I have got two actresses opposite me to work with. It’s difficult to make chemistry with two new actors and switch from one emotion to another in seconds. But that’s what our job is.”

He says as an actor, he loves being in that situation.

“When my wife and girlfriend are in the same place, I have to find a way out to keep everything calm.”

In the show, Sagar is a responsible and mature guy. But when it comes to his wife, he is fed up with her. He has that fun element back in his life by having extra marital affairs and exploring dating apps.

“As an actor we have to be in the moment. But when I’m in such situations, I get really excited as well as scared at the same time because that’s the need of the hour.

“I’m having a good time shooting with Neha Yadav who is playing Priyanka, my wife and Nandini Maurya who is playing Preeti, my girlfriend. We are working on our chemistry and our scenes and hope audiences will love it,” he added.

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