Mumbai, April 5 ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali’ fame Sai Ketan Rao is all set to be seen in Telugu film ‘Pellikuturu Party’. He is playing a prominent role the film starring Prince Cecil and Aneesha Dama.

Talking about his character in the film, Sai shares: “My character’s name in the film is Geeky Uday. The role here of a frustrated guy who is surrounded by his 4 cousins. He is also frustrated about the situation he is in. The character has all the shades of a guy who is has it all but still has nothing”

He adds: “The film completed its shooting in November 2020. We all wanted the film to be released in theaters only and therefore its release got delayed as the theatres were shut down due to pandemic and lockdown.”

When asked about his take on his career in the South Film Industry, Sai replies: “I don’t differentiate the film industry based on language or any other factor. I think as a member of the entertainment industry we should be on the verge of making pan India films that are suitable to all audiences of India irrespective of language. As a country, we should strive to make a much bigger mark around the globe with our craft of filmmaking and the films we make. And I hope in the coming future we will start making pan world films as well.”

‘Pellikuturu Party’ is all set for theatrical release earlier next month.

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