Sahil Khattar on becoming co-owner of ‘Being Indian’ YouTube channel

Mumbai, Nov 23  Sahil Khattar’s association with ‘Being Indian’ goes back a long way. According to the actor-host-stand-up comedian, the YouTube channel gave him everything and made him what he is today.

Now, as he has become the co-owner of this channel, Sahil is happy with this new beginning.

“It gave me a second lifeline to my career. There was a time in between when I had no work at hand. Things changed after ‘Being Indian’ came into my life, and I have never looked back since then and I never intend to as well. We started it hoping this would work and it did. We created that market when YouTube didn’t even exist.

“Ours and one or two other channels were also there who are like grand daddies of the creators on YouTube. We used to work hard, even for non-branded videos. Now, I can safely say that without ‘Being Indian’, I would not have had a career right now and the success and fame that I am enjoying,” he says.

Throwing some light on his current association, Sahil adds: “‘Being Indian’ was created by Culture Machine and later was sold to another company. Now that company has sold it to another company that is co-owned by me. While we started with a bang, things got ruined in between because Culture Machine was not equipped or open enough to take this forward.

“Thank God, that I stepped outside and opened up my own YouTube channel in between and I started getting many deals. There is no big proof about my talent apart from ‘Being Indian’. It is an honour and pleasure to be associated with it.”

Sahil shares that they have many plans to revive the brand and a lot of expectations.

“Earlier ‘Being Indian’ used to run on sketch and non-fiction but now we are going to do long-form content as well. So, we are going to stream web series, sketches, skits, and street interviews. I am happy that things are under my control and I am going to figure out what the programming would be. We would do live shows like Saturday Night, a lot of talk shows, sketch comedy, reaction videos as well as blogs along with FIFA screening as well,” he concludes.

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