Mumbai, Dec 31  Music director duo Sachin-Jigar have had a very fulfilling year with five successful releases. The two are often credited for triggering a shift in behavioural patterns of music lovers through introduction of new sounds.

In a conversation with IANS, the duo spoke about the role of the digital era in the changing landscape of music, the hardwiring of art and commerce and the need for the establishment of a music industry to safeguard the rights of musicians.

Highlighting the importance of business acumen in an artist, Sachin says: “An artist cannot exist in void, there has to be a commercial viability to their work in order for them to succeed and become memorable through their work. When you compose music for a film, you’re composing for the story, for the characters and for the situations.

“So there are many layers to film music. There are a set of producers, who look for an immediate impact in the sense that the music should give a boost to a film’s opening.

“This type of films are a result of a different mindset, right from the production to the business part of it and you need to live upto their expectations as composers.”

Talking about how artists need to be aware and mindful of the power at their disposal, Jigar mentions: “A lot of time, artists haveA avenues but they don’t know how to use it for their own benefit. Now is the time when every artist has the option and power to come together and establish a music industry.”

He stresses upon the need for a separate music industry, saying: “Like the film industry, we should have a music industry as well where an artist has the power to say no to a film if they feel it won’t do justice to their creative integrity.

“Every musician from every corner of the country should work towards this goal. If we start now, it’ll bear fruit for the coming generations of music artists.”

Sachin adds to his creative partner saying how the Internet has led to democratization of creative power. “With the internet the platforms for talents have diversified. A 15 second clip of a boy singing a song in his car can go viral today and that has strengthened the independent music scene. In such a scenario, a music artist doesn’t live on the mercy of a producer or a record label.”

He quickly follows up the positives with the negative aspect, saying: “However there is a downside to independent music, which is the kind of money that the film music enjoys, isn’t available to independent artists at large.”

But, the music artists, who have hit the right notes with regards to the marketing of their creative output, have gone places as Sachin says: “Although there are a few exceptions where independent artists have gone out of their way and put money in singles or albums in terms promotion and marketing similar to that of a big budget film music.

“In fact some of the films have roped in independent musicians with their most popular songs. So it’s a beautiful time to be a musician.”

Rounding up the year 2021, Jigar states: “It’s been very good actually because there has been a slight shift of taste in music within the masses. When we started off, songs in a film were mostly used for promotional purposes.

“Today the songs are very much part of the narrative. Music is now a tool to make a film. We did two absolute commercial albums like, ‘Roohi’ or ‘Hum Do Hamare Do’ and an artistic album like, ‘Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui’. So we are very content and happy with what we are doing currently.”

Sachin ends by letting out the secret to their partnership: “The secret to our partnership is the uncommanality between both of us. Essence of this partnership is how different we are from each other and respecting the differences. He can take off from where I started and the same with me.”

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