Hyderabad, Dec 30  Music director S.S. Thaman has posted a cryptic message which is seen as a jab at actor Nani as Thaman has said that a movie can never be a one-man show.

Thaman’s tweet reads, “We call it a Complete FILM when all the crafts together excel in all formats… It’s never so-called Dominated Crafts …lol it’s the deeper UNDERSTANDING of a film knowing its depth in dialogues its narration & making it dive in smooth to the next sequences.”

“So without a great visualisation great making great characterizations well written scripts with true emotions narrated in a proper pace directed magnanimously & standout performances from the artists… It’s Never One Man Show … We love CINEMA & WE DIE FOR IT,” Thaman tweeted.

Thaman, in his tweet, has written things that make it clear who he is hinting at.

Thaman seems to have taken Nani’s recent comments on filmmaking personally, and hence has reacted on the same, as per the sources.

In one of his recent promotional interviews for ‘Shyam Singha Roy’, Nani said any technician or artiste’s work should not singularly dominate the film. He particularly spoke about music and the other aspects.

“There is something wrong if people talk about a musician’s work or cinematographer’s visuals or actor’s performance over the film. A film should not be a one-man show,” Nani said.

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