Review | Odiyan (ഒടിയൻ)

If you have your roots in Kerala, India, chances are high that you have heard (or overheard from adults) about the myth of the Odiyan clan. The peculiar tribe of black magicians were said to be notorious for their nocturnal attacks and generally eerie presence in Kerala countryside.

When director V. A. Shrikumar Menon announced Odiyan with Mohanlal in the titular role, the desire was to see our favourite actor transform into the mythical human that we learnt from our grandparents with trembling fingers. To set things straight, the subject contained oodles of organic suspense and it naturally called for fantasy elements given the rumoured superhuman abilities of the odiyans. Penned by Harikrishnan, Odiyan turns out an antithesis of everything – of the legendary tribe, of Mohanlal (finally) doing a credible film and also of our great expectations.

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