If you are bored at home, then you can explore different sites for entertainment. These platforms have collected a large amount of data in various directions. You can choose sites with funny videos, collections of music, movies, TV-shows, sports events, online games and much more. Such resources are created for amusement and they provide users with the latest news.

You can learn about the life of actors or watch your favorite sports matches. Now you do not need to wait for broadcast on TV, many files are on the Internet for free access. Not all entertainment sites are reliable, many of them are scammers. But there are proven platforms that offer users many options for free and secure.

Reliable Amusement Sites – TOP 10

If you are sad today, then listen to your favorite music. People who are looking for new knowledge can browse the learning sites. Others want to relax, distract and feel exciting emotions, and they explore different hookup websites for this. This list has been compiled taking into account different hobbies and preferences of users.


# 1 Youtube

This is the most popular portal with videos from around the world. There are all kinds of private videos, films, TV-shows, news, sports and more. This platform is very in-demand as an online site and as a mobile application. Some videos get up to 80 million views and more.

# 2 Netflix

A large collection of films and TV-shows in public access. Choose a suitable video and watch it in full screen. If you purchased a subscription, then advertising will not violate your viewing. Each user can sign up for notifications to know when a new series of his favorite series has appeared. The peculiarity of this company is unique video materials that you can not find anywhere else.

# 3 HitFix

Here you will find a lot of information about the world of cinema, TV-shows, and music. The company offers many sections with the most interesting news and the latest gossip about the lives of singers, actors, sportspeople, and other famous personalities. You can find their detailed biographies, read about their private life, and find out the hot-topic news about different events such as a perfume exhibition, a secular party in Hollywood or Comic-Con.

# 4 Foxsports

If you like sports and regularly watch different competitions, then this platform will be an excellent choice. There are many different videos and information about various sporting events and the lives of athletes. Install a subscription and know all the latest news about football, tennis, baseball, hockey, basketball and more.

# 5 Pandora

Your favorite music is on one resource now. This resource has collected the best tracks from different countries to give you a personal player. Add your favorite songs there and listen to them online. The collection is very big and the company regularly updates its base. Find your favorite artist and listen to all his albums nonstop.

# 6 Hollywood

If your entertainment is exploring the lives of celebrities then this online platform would be the perfect solution. You do not need to buy magazines, now all the news about Hollywood stars are on one website. Use all sections or a search system to find your favorite actor. The company offers only real photos and verified facts without gossip. But you can also read the scandalous news about your favorite actress and see the latest photos from her last secular party.

# 7 Gfycat

Do you like different gifs? Now you can do it on your own here. There are many funny videos on your phone, transfer it to a gif format and share with your friends. The company offers many great tools and useful features to make your bitmap images bright and fun.

# 8 All My Faves

An exciting platform for all gamers. A large selection of flash games that load perfectly and do not “freeze”. Choose different types and play online, you do not need to download it on your PC. The collection here is very diverse and the games have simple rules and easy control (by the keyboard or mouse). Such games will give you a lot of fun and a good mood.

# 9 The National Geographic

Science can also be fun if you enjoy reading articles about the animal world, nature, ocean, space and more. This portal has collected a large catalog with true information from world scientists. Learn the latest developments or read about animal behavior. Explore the latest discoveries of mankind and find out all the secrets of our planet.

# 10 Funny or die 

Laugh is the best way to spend time to good use. This resource is different from the usual sites with different funny videos. Here you will find more private videos from celebrities and bloggers, beginners and amateurs. Maybe some of the video content will seem absurd to you, but it is aimed at endless fun.


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