Rapper MC Altaf releases new track ‘Bliss’ with Gurbax, Burrah

Mumbai, Aug 4 Mumbai-based rapper MC Altaf, known for famously teaching the ‘Bambaiya’ dialect to Bollywood star Ranveer Singh in ‘Gully Boy’, released his new single titled �Bliss on Thursday. The track marks his maiden collaboration with New Delhi based DJ/Producer Gurbax and contemporary Punjabi singer Burrah. 

Soothing and salutary, the genre-defying track delivers the message of propelling peace, love as well as positivity in times of uncertainty. The lyrics also talk about mankind not to run in endless circles and get caught up in the vicious cycle of materialism or vulnerability.

Shedding light on some authentic and not-so-stereotypical thoughts of every middle-class person, the three artistes effortlessly dish out a relatable and reflective track.

Burrah sings in his signature folksy tone that creates excellent chemistry with Gurbax’s nifty and ambient beat alongside MC Altaf’s profound poetic verse.

Speaking about how the track came about, MC Altaf said in a statement, “When I first listened to Gurbax’s beat with Burrah’s vocals, I found it to be quite unique and full of feels. I saw the track going in the RnB (rhythm and blues) zone and the guitars gave me a direction to write about something more spiritual.”

He mentioned that this track pushed to take a little detour from his style, “I usually talk about social issues but when I heard �Bliss’ I steered towards spirituality because I believe in a higher power and that’s why my verse beings with �banaya usne khoobsurat iss jaha ko’. My writing on this project is all about praising the Almighty, preserving our humanity, and being kind-hearted.”

“We usually don’t see such projects hit the Indian music circuit since it crossovers multiple genres and styles while keeping each artist’s individuality intact. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping our fans like it”, he added.

For Burrah, his medical emergency posed as an inspiration for the track.

He shared, “The track came into my life literally as �Bliss’ in 2020 when I was left paralysed due to an injury. Even though I wasn’t able to release new music, I still kept at it while recovering and during one of my studio sessions I met Gurbax where he played me a catchy beat, which he didn’t really like at first but I vibed with it. I said I could turn this whole thing into Punjabi and started writing my thoughts.”

Revealing how the song was fleshed out in record time, he said, “The lyrics just flew out and within 10-15 minutes I wrote the chorus, verse as well as bridge. I guess it was mostly an innocent moment of allowing the forever embracing being, inner child, to sing whatever it wanted. The words oozed acceptance. There’s a confident presence and playfulness that you cannot describe in words – it is not achieved, and it can never be externally achieved, it’s just there.”

He said, “That state of acceptance and presence probably is �Bliss’ hence, the project title. In March 2021, Altaf jumped on the track with his splendid verse syncing with our line of thought and it all fell into place as if it was destined to be. Fast forward to today, I’m grateful that this project is finally released with Gully Gang; it really warms my heart to express this and share it with you all.”

�Bliss’ has been released via Mass Appeal India and Hip Hop collective Gully Gang.

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