Patna, April 2  Patna police have arrested two persons, including a man whose 8-year-old daughter was allegedly gang-raped and murdered by unknown persons, from outside Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s residence here on Saturday.

The man and a woman activist demanded the police to allow them to meet Nitish Kumar, which they not only refused, but also misbehaved with them.

The Chief Minister and his convoy came out of the residence and crossed the duo, but Kumar did not stop to meet them.

The man, who came from Banka district, alleged that his 8-year-old daughter was kidnapped by unidentified persons from outside their house when she stepped out to celebrate Holi.

The miscreants allegedly gang-raped the minor girl, removed both her eyes, and mutilated the dead body before dumped it in a drain near the village which falls under the Khandan police station, the man said.

“We went from pillar to post seeking justice for my daughter, but the local police arrested my brother on charges of gang-rape and murder of my daughter,” the man said.

As no one was listening to his plight, a Delhi-based social activist — Yogita Bhayana — came to Patna and contacted him promising support.

On Saturday, the man along with Bhayana demanded to meet the Chief Minister, but C.P. Gupta, the SHO of Sachiwalay police station, arrived there and threatened them.

As per a viral video, the SHO threatened Bhayana to stay within her limits.

“You are a woman and stay like a woman,” he said while pointing finger at her.

The man argued that since he was not getting justice for the heinous act committed against his daughter, the police should kill him as well.

Following the arguments, the police picked up the man and the activist and put them in a police van on the direction of SHO Gupta.

“They were protesting in a prohibited area. Hence it was a preventive measure to arrest them. They were taken to the office of the DGP, who has addressed the issue. The police released him later,” ASP Kamya Mishra told IANS.

“The victim has the right to protest, but you cannot protest in the prohibited area. There are so many places where anyone can protest. It is his democratic right and no one is taking his rights away. As far as meeting the Chief Minister is concerned, he organies ‘Janta Darbar’ where anyone can meet him. Even the DGP regularly meets people,” Mishra said.

“In the case of rape-cum-murder of the minor girl, four accused have already been arrested and a speedy trial is currently underway,” Mishra added.

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