Mumbai, April 7 ‘Rakshabandhan…Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhaal’ actor Farman Haider says Ramadan is a time to practice self-restraint.

He says: “Ramadan is a period of introspection, communal prayer in the mosque, and reading of the Quran. It is the best time to groom ourselves with lots of positive energies and get rid of bad energies. I keep fast while celebrating the month as it is believed that God forgives the past sins of those who observe the holy month with fasting, prayer, and faithful intention. For me, it is a time to practice self-restraint.”

Haider, who has been part of shows such as ‘Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2’ and ‘Namah Lakshmi Narayan’ calls Iftar the best time.

He adds: “After the sunset prayer, It is my most favorite time that we all gather together to break our fast with a meal called iftar that is often shared with friends and extended family. The festival also unites us over food which we usually miss in our busy schedules. The iftar usually begins with dates or apricots and water or sweetened milk. And we can also add healthy snacks and fruits. I make sure to distribute snacks and fruits to the less fortunate and help them to enjoy the festivities.”

The actor also opens up on shooting while fasting.

He adds: “Shooting while fast is a tough task but it is interesting at the same time. God gives us his energy and practically production and everybody on sets are very much supportive. We take care of each other.”

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