Rakhi Sawant: Even though Bigg Boss has just started, everyone is still sleeping

Mumbai, Oct 9┬áRakhi Sawant, who is known for her controversies and was seen as a wild card contestant in ‘Bigg Boss 15’ will be seen appearing on the Krushna Abhishek-hosted show ‘Bigg Buzz’ where the evicted contestants from ‘Bigg Boss’ play interesting games and give their opinions about the housemates without any biases.

Rakhi will be seen making comments on the contestants of the new season of ‘Bigg Boss’ and she called them ‘boring’ and shared her wish to go inside the show to make it entertaining.

She said: “Even though Bigg Boss has just started, everyone is still sleeping. The contestants don’t want to entertain the audience and are naturally very boring. I’m the only one who could make the show entertaining with my tadka.”

Rakhi added that if she goes inside she will try to teach them how to play the game and make it engaging for the audience.

“I believe I should go inside the house as a wild card contestant this season as well and stir up the house a bit so that the other contestants can wake up and start taking the show seriously,” she added.

Rakhi entered the last season with her ex-husband Ritesh but later both parted their ways and now the actress and dancer is dating Mysore-based businessman, Adil Khan Durrani.

‘Bigg Buzz’ streams on Voot.

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