Jaipur, Nov 5  Dressed in the guise of a milk man and maintenance team member, Rajasthan police managed to nab the man who sold bluetooth device fitted slippers worth Rs 6 lakh to REET candidates for cheating in exams. He had been absconding for over a month.

The accused was identified as Tulsaram Kaler, the main kingpin of the cheating scandal which came up during the REET Examination, 2021. The accused was arrested from a residential complex located on Ajmer Road in Jaipur.

“Our team is now trying to open the entire network of cheating scandal and is gathering information about some more suspects in the case,” said officials from Bikaner police.

On Wednesday, police received a tip about the accused hiding somewhere in a residential society in Jaipur.

It gathered all information about the man and reached the residential society. It was a big challenge for the police to catch him without being identified and hence they reached Tulsaram’s residence in disguise as milkman, building maintenance team member and online delivery person and caught him.

After the scandal broke out, he has been elusive, though police arrested others of the cheating team. Tulsaram took shelter in Ganganagar, Churu, Sikar, Ajmer and recently started living in Jaipur.

He had himself worked in police force for 3 years, so he was fully aware how police work.

In Bikaner district, two cases related to cheating were registered during the REET examination 2021. Soon after, cases were also registered in Ajmer, Sikar, Jodhpur and Jaipur too. The mastermind of the entire cheating scandal was Tulsaram Kaler.

During investigation, it was found that the accused was running a coaching centre where his employee Madanlal settled the deal by collecting huge money in return of cheating devices.

They used to call candidates at secret places and asked them to try out cheating with the help of electric devices, bluetooth devices and slippers.

The bluetooth device was made in such a way that the voice calling device, battery, sim socket etc could be fitted inside the slipper. A small bluetooth device was set very close inside the ear of the candidate. Thus a special device was made so that no one gets suspicious in the exam. The device could easily be hidden in slipper and undergarments and no one could ever suspect it. A total of 9 cases were registered against Tulsaram Kaler in Ajmer, Nagaur, Sikar and Bikaner.

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