Raja Rani Movie Review – Rating: ★★★★☆

Raja Rani
Raja Rani

The general view of all is that “Raja Rani” is a comedy movie. Ideally this is tragedy love story which leads to another sentimental love story.

Though there is a little romance here and there, the maximum found in the movie is sentiment.

Raja Rani can be told as remake of Mouna Ragam with little twist and additional characters.

Coming to the actors of the movie

Arya – As usual charming and bubbly and have enacted the best as expected.

Nayanthara – Again equal to Arya. And when it comes to the sentiment, Nayanthara shows more sentiment in the film. Comparing with Jai in the movie, Nayan looks a little older than Jai.

Jai – The natural comedy actor. No wonder people will laugh out loud with his acting as a customer care representative. The reaction at the end of the movieby Jai makes everyone feel sad again.

Nazriya – It would be better with another actor instead of Nazriya. As compared to Neram, Raja Rani has a lot of dialogues with more reactions for the actor which shows the true acting of Naziya.

Raja Rani
Raja Rani

On the whole the movie is not as expected to be more entertaining in comedy basis. Even Santhanam has been made a serious role at many points. Satyaraj has a good role, which can be utilized better. Again even Satyaraj played a serious role.

A Good movie to watch with family and ex lovers.

Raja Rani
Raja Rani

“There is Life and Love after Love Failure”



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