Mumbai, Jan 7 Television actor Puneett Chouksey says everything is possible in this profession and that one can live many lives in the roles they play.

He says: “Only in the acting profession is everything possible. As an artist, you can live in the role of completely different people, including robbers and bandits. And no one will punish you for that. Like I act for Ansh who is gray, but I’m not the same in my life. It’s fun to enjoy a beautiful creative journey of different roles which comes to my bag.”

Puneett is currently seen playing an antagonist in the show ‘Sirf Tum’. He was earlier seen in a gray shade in ‘Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’. He is known for the titular role in the show ‘Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story’.

He adds that acting helps an actor to explore without the stress of being judged.

“The best part is you are judged while exploring. You can also try yourself in different professions and in the role of people with different characters. On screen, you can be a stupid and funny person, and no one will think badly of you. I’m enjoying feeling the atmosphere and understanding the acting profession. Such experiences are truly fascinating and informative.”

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