As with any popular product of the social spectacle, the fans are sure to take it to another level. There area few fan bases that are as loyal and as creative as that of the pokemon fans. Pokemon has been around the top of the world for over 20 years, and its fans are a big reason why. The game creators have counted on the support of dedicated fans who will love the game since day one and will explore every single inch and facet of the game. The rise of pokemon popularity can be tied to the first few real fans, trying desperately to catch the secret Pokemon called Mew.

One of the regular festivities, both physical and digital, is the Pokemon day.

It is held every year on the 27th of February. This day is when the first two Pokemon games, Red and green came out, and it is celebrated as the birthday of Pokemon. During this day, even if lately the celebrations are being stretched to more than just one day, there are plenty of events, both in Tokyo, some other major cities, but also online. The game creators always have a few aces up their sleeves, and they have special in-game events during that time. It most often includes special kinds of shiny Pokemon or Pokemon with special items. Like a few years back when they introduced a Pikachu with a crown, and the fans went absolutely crazy over the ever so cute electric mouse pokemon.


Naturally, all those events and the posters for them are done in the iconic pokemon font. Both the games and the carton have done the title with that font. It is almost as significant for the franchise as the pocket monsters themselves. If you are a pokemon fan who can’t get enough of everything pokemon, be sure to check out some pokemon fonts on


Pokemon Festivals

There has always been Pokemon festival in is native Japan. But these events have gone global during the last few years. They were all kinds of games, similar to some mini-games on the Pokemon Stadium, which people and their kids could play. The festivals have also gone digital in the last few years. It is created so that pokemon fans worldwide can create a sense of belonging and community that stretches wider than national borders do. Pokemon Go played a big role in this. With Pokemon go reaching such popularity, it became possible to create festivals and events for 10s of millions of people all around the world at the same time. The prizes for these modern digital festivals are usually pokemon moves that were early unavailable for certain types of Pokemon. One such festival had given the players the opportunity to get some of their water pokemon the ultimate counter weapon for other water types. They could have discovered one of the strongest electric type attacks, thunder, and add it to their three other attacks for their water type pokemon.

One of the most famous examples of a real, in life pokemon festival is that in Yokohama, a port town close to Tokyo. It has been held for almost five years now, and it is a week-long event. One of the staples of the festival is its huge Pikachu parade at the opening of the festival.

As one notices in the photo above, there are usually countless Pikachus parading across town during the festival. Thousands of people from Japan, and as well as those lucky ones from around the world who can afford such a trip, go and become part of the parade. Popularly called the outbreak of Pikachus, this festival has first been held in the year 2014. Now, five years in the future, it is still going strong. The number of people is increasing every day. The lucky ones get to dance with Pikachu, even if some other pokemon have started to invade the parades as well. Some of such Pokemon was the ever so cute Eevee, the Pokemon with the biggest diversity of evolutions of all the Pokemon. Depending on the stone, it comes in contact with, Eevee can transform or evolve into every type of Pokemon. So if you ever wondered what it would be like to swim in a sea of human-sized Pikachus, be sure to visit Yokohama during his festival and you will not be disappointed.

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