Mumbai, Feb 25  Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra shares her experience of spending time with the contestants of talent-based reality show ‘Hunarbaaz – Desh Ki Shaan’ at the rehearsals.

She is one of the judges on the show along with Mithun Chakraborty and Karan Johar.

On her experience of spending time with the contestants, she mentioned: “It’s been at the back of my mind for a few days now to go behind the scenes and see what my contestants are doing and watch them practice. I didn’t want to involve myself as just a judge. I really care about all the contestants as well as what is going on in their lives.”

The actress further shares that she is careful about her responsibility as a judge and wants each of the contestants to give their best.

“I genuinely want them to excel, and I must go above and beyond my duty as a judge of this show. Today I had some time off, so I made it my priority to go on the set to see all the rehearsals. I discuss and try to understand the problems and difficulties they face and try to help them in my own small way. I really hope that it motivates them and when I finally meet them on shoot day, they will be able to excel and perform really well,” she adds.

When asked about her excitement after looking at the performances of best 14, she said: “When I see the contestants that we have chosen for our ‘Behatareen 14’, it really makes me proud. This is the first time I’m an insider on a reality show and I’m getting to see how much work they have put in and how hard they have to work for those two minutes that they get on stage to impress the judges and the world.”

‘Hunarbaaz – Desh Ki Shaan’ airs on Colors.

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