Mumbai, April 13 Singer Papon has teamed up with singer Shreya Ghoshal for a trilingual love song titled ‘Koi Nidiya Kiyaw’.

Papon says, “‘Koi Nidiya Kiyaw’ is a beautiful song rooted in three sweet languages. It’s a tribute to those who speak Tiwa, Bodo and Assamese. This is a truly special song because through it I’ve reunited with Shreya Ghoshal. It’s always such a joy to sing with her. I am assured that this song will convey the message of love.”

The two musicians have sung hits such as ‘Tu’, ‘Rim Jhim Gire Sawan’, ‘Ghar Bhara Sa Lage’ and ‘Esheche Raat’ among others together.

Ghoshal added: “The combination of three languages in a song is a first for me. I’m happy to be singing in Assamese after so long. It’s wonderful to be teaming up with Papon. Both of us have tried to bring something novel to music lovers. I’m excited now that the song is out.”

The highlight of the Papon and Shreya duet is that it’s an amalgamation of three languages – Tiwa, Bodo and Assamese. Penned by Keshab Nayan and directed by Parasher Baruah, the song stars Shreya Ghoshal, Papon Helina Daimary, Jay Saikia, and Keshab Nayan.

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