Mumbai, July 14┬áJennifer Roth, the co-producer of the upcoming rescue drama “The Ambush”, has showered praise on the film’s director Pierre Morel, who was thoroughly clear in his head about how to pull off “the high production value” for the project.

During the Yemen War, the Emirati soldiers based out of Yemen’s Mocha are dispatched on a mission. “The Ambush” is about how three of these soldiers are attacked in enemy territory and their captain organises a daring rescue effort.

About the scale of production of “The Ambush”, Jennifer said: “Every film starts with the director and Pierre had certain expectations and skill level. He knew how to achieve high production value, so it became sort of a journey of working with him to review what local resources were here, what could be done in-house, in the market and what needed to be brought in from another place.”

On the special effects used in the film, she said: “Pierre has a special effects team he’s been working with his whole career, who he adores. They weren’t the easiest special effects people at times, but their work was beautiful. So, Pierre had people he really wanted to work with on Al Kameen.”

She also revealed how local technicians became a part of the project. “The stunt coordinator that Pierre had originally wanted to work with was not available, and our first AD had just come from a show in Morocco, he recommended a team of stunt people out of Morocco. I loved the Moroccans because they could speak Arabic, French and English.”

“The Ambush” is dropping on OTT platform Lionsgate Play on July 15.

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