Chennai, March 7  Oscar-winning sound mixer Craig Mann, who is now working on director Radhakrishnan Parthiban’s upcoming Tamil film ‘Iravin Nizhal’, has lauded the director saying that the technical skill that it took to pull this film off was very impressive.

Director and actor Parthiban, who posted a video clip of the famous sound designer speaking about his film on his Twitter handle, wrote, “I never even imagined while watching ‘Whiplash’ that one day I would be working with this ‘sound’ person.”

In the video clip, Craig Mann says, “Parthiban’s achievement on this film is quite something. The technical skill to pull this off is very impressive.”

‘Iravin Nizhal’ has garnered a lot of attention as this will be the world’s first non-linear single shot film.

Parthiepan’s previous film, ‘Oththa Seruppu’, a film which featured only him, had come in for critical acclaim. It not only made money at the box office but also entered record books for featuring just one actor.

Buoyed by its success, Parthiepan has now embarked on this new venture, which will feature many actors but will be made in a single shot.

The film has Oscar winner A.R. Rahman scoring its music and Oscarwinner Cottalango Leon handling its VFX.

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