Mumbai, April 1  Oscar Isaac, who is getting a positive response for his Marvel miniseries ‘Moon Knight’, spoke about playing two different character in the series – Steven Grant, a guy suffering from dissociative identity disorder, and his alter ego, Marc Spector, who is a mercenary.

Separating Steven from Marc Spector, Oscar said, “Steven is utterly sincere, and he says what he sees. It’s often really funny but it’s not funny to him because he doesn’t know he’s being funny. There’s a real social awkwardness to him. He doesn’t have the social skills his alter Mark has. Steven is non-violent, he doesn’t eat meat, and he cares about people and wants to connect.”

“Our job was to put a lens on the things that we found the most interesting or that had the most dramatic juice while taking the mental health aspect about it incredibly seriously. I really wanted to do a character study, a point of view experience, so you’re not sitting back and just watching the story unfold, you are within the eyes of Steven and experiencing this thing that’s happening to him. And it’s quite terrifying”, he added.

‘Moon Knight’ tells the story of the eponymous Marvel Studios anti-hero character. The series is currently available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

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