OLA did the unthinkable, it virtual turned meme and funny tweet about Ola Boat’s in Chennai to reality.

Ola Meme

Today, the India’s biggest Taxi operator Ola has deployed boats along with professional rowers to rescue people in the waterlogged areas to safer places.

Ola Boats1

“Ola deployed boats in waterlogged and partially submerged areas on the basis of information from the Fire and Rescue department”, Ola said in a statement.

While we are addressing the increased demand for transportation in city, we are working closely with local stakeholders to help ferry those stranded in water-logged areas.”, Ola, business head (Tamil Nadu), Ravi Teja said

ola boat3

The boat service would be available for next three days and will be extended if water-logging continues, it added.

Isn’t it a brilliant real Social community marketing idea!

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