Mumbai, Nov 13  As the new season of hit show ‘Adulting’ releases, the three lead actors of the show – Aisha Ahmad, Yashaswini Dayama and Viraj Ghelani – talked about what is the biggest lesson of ‘adulting’.

Aisha told IANS: “Well, I think taking responsibility is surely something even in the kind of the small things I would say when you are an adult. (Laughs) I mean think about it, as a child, all you need to say is ‘I am hungry’ and the food would magically appear in front of you. We never needed to think about our dirty clothes that would be cleaned and placed in our cupboard and everything would be taken care of by mothers.”

“Now, when you start staying independently or even in the same house, you really have to own up to all these. I mean, when you stay away from parents’ home, it is such a task to tell your cook ‘khane mein kya banega’…adulting is tough man!” she quipped.

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On a serious note of taking responsibility for our own words and how that is an integral part of adulting, Viraj shared, “I think now that the kind of profession we are in where budding content creators take inspiration from us, we have to be responsible with our words and action. We just cannot be random about things that we all have done as a kid by saying ‘Jo hoga dekha jayega’…now we know whatever result we get from our action we have to deal with it. There comes the responsibility.”

He further added, “Another important thing is being casual…we cannot afford to do that. Earlier, unknowingly we used to make comments that are casually sexist. Now we cannot really do that…perhaps that is why the consciousness is there, where we do not say ‘Man of the match’ after a cricket match anymore, we say, ‘player of the day’.”

While Yashaswini agreed to both of them, she believes the biggest lesson we needed to learn as we grow up is how to say ‘no’ politely.

“I think when we grow up, we want to live our lives in our way, for that it is so important to say ‘no’ to things and that is real adulting. If we do not say ‘no’ to things or practice, we only have to live by the expectation of others, be it our parents, friends, or society. Initially, we try to adjust, eventually, we just lose ourselves because we are only living by what is expected of us instead of what we really want from life. ‘Ek hi to Zindagi hai’, how could we live by what others want, it’s our lives,” said Yashaswini who is playing the character of Ray in the show.

The story of the show revolves around two principal characters Nikhat and Ray played by Aisha and Yashaswini. Manav on the other hand, played by Viraj is crucial in bringing new dynamics to their friendship, emotional bonding, insecurity and a bunch of emotions unveiled in the new season.

‘Adulting’ was created by the digital entertainment company Pocket Aces and released on its official YouTube channel. After the first two seasons, now the new season of the show ‘Adulting’ is released on Amazon miniTV.

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