Nithya Menen reveals what excites her about ‘Skylab’

Hyderabad, Nov 29 ┬áNithya Menen, who is one of the main leads in the upcoming movie ‘Skylab’, has also co-produced the venture. With the movie slated for release on December 4, the makers had arranged a grand pre-release event on Sunday.

Nithya, who is also one of the producers with Prithvi Pinnamaraju, explains that she was only concerned about acting when on the sets. “I have not been involved in production-related things during the shoot. Only after the shoot, I get to take up production-related things,” the actress said.

Talking about the story, Nithya said, “Skylab can excite anybody. The folktale is such a great plot. This is the story your parents missed telling you. The story takes place in the backdrop of a village, but the BGM is Western. The paradoxical treatment is something I love.”

Nithya also reveals that there are no combination scenes between the main leads. “This tale revolves around three people. Satya Dev, Rahul Rama Krishna, and me are not involved in any combination scenes,” the actress revealed.

Talking about a few technicalities used for ‘Skylab’, Nithya said, the background music was done in Macedonia with a 40-piece orchestra. Western classical music is imbibed as the score in this film, which gives it an entirely different approach.

“The village backdrop is cinematic because the frames are polished and saturated. The entire film was shot in sync sound,” Nithya said.

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