Nissar Khan on making a comeback to ‘Crime Patrol 2.0’

Mumbai, June 1¬†Well-known actor Nissar Khan is excited to join the cast of crime-based TV show ‘Crime Patrol 2.0’. He is seen playing the character of Police Inspector Adil Khan.

Excited to be back on the show,Nissar shares: “You know when you are in a foreign land and then come back home, that feeling of homecoming is very similar to me getting back on ‘Crime Patrol 2.0’.”

“I am happy to be back and reiterate an important message of identifying certain behaviors, patterns and staying satark at all times to the audience. The show has given me an identity and people have showered so much love on my character which fills my heart with immense joy.”

He further elaborates on his character and what he liked most about his role.

“I get a lot of fan mails and DMs asking me to come back on the show. I guess the makers saw the love of the fans and decided to get me onboard again. I am extremely delighted to step into the shoes of Police inspector Adil Khan again. Playing a cop brings in so much responsibility from within; not only is it a challenging experience but an enriching one too,” he says.

Nissar is known for ‘Mahabharat’, ‘Don’ and ‘Airlift’. He shares that now in this time the audience will see changes in his on-screen character from the last season. They will get to know more about his personal life.

“The audience has seen how Adil Khan solves a crime, but now with ‘Crime Patrol 2.0’, they will also get to know what happens in his personal life as well. This perspective will surely make the audience more empathetic towards the men in uniform who are the actual heroes and are doing a commendable job throughout. I am sure the audience will witness their favourite PI Adil Khan like never before.”

‘Crime Patrol 2.0’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

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