Mumbai, Jan 16 Actress Payal Ghosh, who is set to play a girl suffering from depression in her upcoming film ‘New York to Haridwar’, has called the progression of her character in the film as a personal journey as she has been in a dark place mentally in her life at some point.

The film follows the story of a girl, who visits India from New York. How the events turn during her journey form the crux of the story.

Talking about her character, the actress says, “I play a girl with mental blocks and depression in the upcoming movie ‘New York to Haridwar’. Depression is difficult and I have been through it myself. I understand the challenges completely and how difficult it gets to believe and start looking for what can go right rather than what can go wrong.”

She adds, “We have started preparing for the film and it’s a story unlike anything we have seen so far. I can’t reveal much about it yet. My character travels from New York and her life changes as she comes to India in the film. It’s like a personal journey. When I came from such humble backgrounds and stardom happened and things went down south and I came back to my feet.”

The actress concludes with a word of caution as the threat of the pandemic still looms large, “The situation looks grim again so let’s look out for one another and share as much love. Stay safe and try to stay indoors as much as possible.”

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