Mumbai, Jan 24  As the final season of the web series ‘What The Folks’ shows that the lead couple of the story played by Eisha Chopra and Veer Rajwant Singh opts for child adoption and face questions from their family and society, Veer opens up with his opinion on the matter.

Veer told IANS : “I think it is high time we as a society should change our attitude and mind conditioning towards children adoption and make it more inclusive because, at the end of the day, it is an individual’s choice. There are two things, firstly adopting a child is not a backup that we earlier used to consider. Earlier it was looked as an option for those couples who do not have a child.

“Also, who is the biological parents of a child was always a talking point. That should be changed because once the child is born, everything boils down to the upbringing that they get.

“From a parents’ end, one can give as much love as possible to any child. The problem starts when society singles out children as ‘adopted children’. That could hurt the mind of a child even after getting love and affection from the parents.”

He further added, “Another point I want to make here on changing attitude is, we should stop thinking that we are doing a favour to a child by adopting and giving a family status. Then that child, when becoming a grown-up man or woman, lives with a bitter feeling that once he/she was unwanted and some family, with generosity, has done some favour by giving a life. No, that is wrong.”

The actor said that young couples, on the other hand, should also not face judgment of the society that if they are opting for adoption that means they cannot have their biological child.

“I am hopeful that the more we continue the conversation regarding this, we will open our minds and make the place more inclusive for us.”

The show ‘What The Folks : Season 4’ is a Dice media original that is also featuring – Anula Navlekar, Nitesh Pandey, Deepika Amin among others. All the episode of the show is releasing on the official YouTube channel of Dice Media.

What the folks.

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