Mumbai, July 22 Director Dil Raju shared that it is very important for filmmakers to pause and understand how audience perceive entertainment in the post-covid times.

The Indian film industry has seen a massive change in film consumption patterns, since the onset of the pandemic and the revolution of OTT platforms when India was in lockdown.

Be it Hindi or the southern film industry, very few milestone films have made a big mark at the box-office and other films have seen great response when they release on OTT after their theatrical run.

Keeping in mind the change in content consumption, producer Dil Raju wants to take time to understand audiences’ mindsets and make films accordingly.

Talking about the same producer Dil Raju shares: “Due to the change in audience mindset post-pandemic, I asked my team to stop working on ten scripts which we started working on long back and I also stopped taking two films onto the sets.”

He added: “I would suggest all the producers to not start new films now. First, analyse how the audience mindset going to evolve in 2023 and then accordingly select the scripts and start the shoots.”

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