Nayan Bhatt: Every new show is an adventure for me

Mumbai, April 15  Veteran actress Nayan Bhatt, who has been part of the industry for years now, says she still gets nervous before a new show.

The actress, who is part of ‘Woh Toh Hai Albela’ and plays the role of Bhanumati (Dadi), says that it’s important to keep doing work so that your fans remember you.

“As an actor, every new show is an adventure for me till now, even after 53 years. My heart still beats faster before any new show. This is my first show of 2022. We had to take a compulsory break for two years because of Covid. People have a short memory and out of sight is out of mind,” she says.

Talking about her current show, Nayan says: “Woh Toh Hai Albela, the title is really unique. Before knowing the title, when I met with Rajan sir, he told me a little about the storyline but when I heard the name, I realised it’s a very catchy name!

“An actor wants the audience to watch his show and if the name is catchy, then it makes the audience curious. My character knows that there are no men in the house and the daughter-in-law is educated, but is afraid of the situation. So my character has to be strong, for the sake of the kids. I can’t do that to them. That is why dadi is handling everything, smiling with kids, helping at home and she supports them in the outside world as well.”

Ask her if she associates with her character in any way, and she says: “I was attracted to this character because, just like this character, I’m also self-made. Even in the show, we women, together have our own business of spices and we are not dependent on anyone.”

“So I associate with my character in that way. Nowadays, I feel characters are very relatable, and this helps for a bond with the audience as they can see themselves in those characters. The more the audience relates to the character, the more attached,” she concludes.

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