Hyderabad, July 10 Nagarjuna made some intriguing remarks during the ‘The Ghost’ teaser launch event. With the media pressuring him to confess if he is sure his selection of roles will work for him, the veteran actor answers, “not yet”.

“Not just me; no one in the film industry can predict which films will be accepted and which will not”, Nagarjuna said during the event.

He explains: “We are unaware of it. Some films and roles, which both directors and media people lauded when the trailer was released, have underperformed at the box office.”

“Some heroes who were written off by journalists became superstars,” Nagarjuna stated, remaining grounded in reality while discussing.

He further added that “The very same director, Ram Gopal Varma, who has given me Siva also gave me Officer”. Siva still stands as Nagarjuna’s best film while Officer speaks otherwise.

Bringing other milestone films into the discussion, Nagarjuna said: “After making a blockbuster like Ninne Pelladutha with me, Krishna Vamsi’s Chandralekha sent us home. If I knew what films to do, surely I would do only hit movies like Siva and Annamayya all the time.”

Nagarjuna meant to express that he views failure positively even when he or anyone else cannot figure out which movie works well.

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