‘My father did not like me acting but mom always supported me: Ravi Kishan

Mumbai, April 10 Popular actor and host Ravi Kishan opened up about the days of his struggle and how his father was not initially supportive of him taking up acting on ‘Swarna Swar Bharat’.

He went on to mention how his mother always supported him and helped him achieve his dreams.

During the show, host Ravi Kishan got so impressed with the contestant Atharv’s performance on the devotional track, ‘Main Balak Tu Mata Sherawaliye’ made Ravi Kishan nostalgic about his childhood and he recalled how his father never supported him to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor.

He mentioned: “Not a lot of people know, but I have struggled for many years and played a lot of roles in my career before I achieved some level of success. While I come from a village which is located near Banaras, and my father was a priest, I always wanted to become an actor since my childhood.

“In fact, I even took up the role of Sita in Ramlila to pursue my passion, however, my father did not like me acting. On the other hand, my mother always supported me. She wanted me to fulfill my dream and pursue my passion for acting.”

“That’s why, one fine day, my mother handed me 500 rupees and with that money, I fled to Mumbai to follow my passion. Till date, even during the middle of elections when I am travelling, I call my mother to understand the situation on the ground. She’s very smart and clever and has been my support system all my life. Whatever fame I have got till date, all the credit goes to my mother,” added the host.

‘Swarna Swar Bharat’ airs on Zee TV.

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